When the new students first arrive at our school, the school is something new, exciting and extraordinary for them.
A new school, new classmates, new teachers and a lot more students than in their old school can be very intimidating.
This is the reason why every 5th and 6th grade class has two class companions , which are students from the 10th grade of our school. They accompany the children from their first day at school on.
The companions are contact points for the students. They  help and support them as problem solvers, playmates, comforters and  act as role models. The tasks of a  companions are very diverse. They work closely with the respective class teachers and their goal is to strengthen the social skills of the children and to help to build the community.
Some specific examples of their tasks are:
•  to accompany the introductory journey
• to promote the class community
• to be present during some  breaks
• to accompany the class on hiking days and excursions
• to help with solutions for students’ problems
• attend classes regularly in the classroom or on special occasions such as the Christmas party
• to provide the students with support should they have learning difficulties.
But there are also benefits for the companions as they get the possibility to try themselves in a social role, they are learning to deal with responsibility and how to deal with children. They can get creative in developing and implementing new ideas and overall it is a good preparation for the future work life.
Companions should be persistent, patient, friendly, responsive and open to new challenges. They should be taking own initiatives, have organizational skills and most important they should like teamwork and to work with children.

Elias, Klasse 9d