Für die 5. und 6. Gymnasial- und Realschul-Klassen bietet die St. Ursula-Schule eine Betreuung für den Nachmittag an. Dort werden Hausaufgaben gemacht. Danach kann gespielt, gebastelt und getobt werden. Die Betreuungskräfte Frau Tscharn, Herr Stumpf, eine Sozialarbeiterin und natürlich Frau Worm kümmern sich liebevoll um die Schülerinnen und Schüler. Die Betreuung hat von Montag bis Donnerstag bis 16:00 Uhr und Freitag bis 13:00 Uhr geöffnet. In der 6. Unterrichtsstunde ist die Betreuung kostenlos.
Die Preise sind aus der unten aufgeführten Tabelle ersichtlich :
    1 Tag Betreuung pro Woche                     9 x 30,00€               270,00€ pro Jahr
    2 Tage Betreuung pro Woche                   9 x 60,00€                540,00€ pro Jahr
    3 Tage Betreuung pro Woche                   9 x 90,00€               810,00€ pro Jahr
    4 Tage Betreuung pro Woche                   9 x 120,00€            1.080,00€ pro Jahr

Julius und Leo, Klasse 9a
The school offers the care for the fifth and sixth classes. You can go there from Monday to Thursday after your lessons. In the care you can do your homework in reasonable time and you can also find a balance to daily learning with funny games, seasonal handicrafts or playing in the outside area. The care doesn’t offer tutoring or remedial teaching. The school wants to show the students how they learn with their own work methods. Our four contact people, for example Mrs. Worm, Mrs. Tscharn or Mr. Stumpf help the kids on their  ways. For lunch, the kids can eat in the bistro for 3,50 €. Registration and conclusion of contract are binding. There is also a new place where there are computers to learn vocabulary. When I visited the care 3 years ago, we had to do listening exercises for English lessons at home. But with these computers the kids can do their exercises in the “Halbi”. There is also a small library in our room where you can borrow books for any period of time. As well, there is a so-called “chill-lounge” in which the children can sit down after their homework and read a book. The advisers are also ready to play games. In my opinion it was very comfortable to come  home at 4 pm and having finished with all the homework! In case of problems the staff  is there for you to help. No matter if there are problems with the homework or with the class. In addition, the advisers are very nice and I still get on very well with them.

Elisabeth, Klasse 9d